Our mission:

‘We are here to serve you’

Our vision:

‘To help our clients be always ahead of the competition’

SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely delivered

You have a project to deliver. We will do it in a SMART way.
You have only a vision about your company future.
We will help you translate it into one or more Smartgrup Projects.

Whether you need telecom infrastructure solutions, site survey, site acquisition, design, permits, choose the right materials or equipments, supply them on site, build the power lines, roads, towers, your Switch Center building, install the cables, antennas, 2G and 3G cabinets, diesel generators, HVAC, UPS's or all of them in a turnkey approach, try us.
We can and will help you deliver your infrastructure projects on time. We can shape your organization and interface with suppliers to make you forget about the projects until they are ready for the scope you wanted them.

We know well this market; our senior people have ten or more year’s experience.
We can and will help you establish the standards, the procedures, the organizational structure to avoid reinventing the wheel, extra costs and internal resource blocking.
We are ready to adapt to your needs and offer innovative solutions like camouflage towers (trees, light poles) telecom sites on High Voltage Power lines, solar, wind or hydrogen fuel cell power.

Thank you for visiting or site and please contact us for any clarification or service you need!